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World’s Most Famous Snake Stages Comeback to Protest Habitat Destruction
Lulu, the snake who starred in The Creation Myth, one of the biggest hits of all time, has emerged from retirement to protest the urbanization and pollution that is destroying animal habitats all over the planet.
“Honestly, I wish I hadn’t persuaded Eve to bite that apple,” Lulu declared at a press conference announcing the release of the YouTube video in which she returns to the screen for the first time in ten thousand years. “What have humans ever done with knowledge but screw up?”    
Lulu is Honorary Chair of Save the Snakes, a non-profit environmental organization.      
Pressed to reveal some personal details about her relationship with Adam and Eve, the still svelte and lissome reptile replied, “Eve was a perfectly nice girl when I first met her,” Lulu stated.  “Then, after just one bite, she became the worst ‘know-it-all’ that ever was! Frankly, I think that’s the real reason that she and Adam got kicked out of Eden.”    
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