Opinion In Defense of Deviousness: Voters Seeking “Authenticity” in Presidential Candidates Are Barking Up the Wrong Tree 
                                                      Mar. 31, 2016

Expert Warns That Trump’s Small Penis Could Trigger World War III
                                                      Mar. 14, 2016

When it Comes to Gay Marriage and Global Warming, People Are Starting to Believe 
Their Own Eyes                           Apr. 2, 2013

Dying With the Stars                  Nov. 21, 2012

Why I’m Ridiculing Climate Deniers
                                                 Oct. 29, 2011

My aim is to discredit climate denial in the eyes 
of young audiences through use of ridicule and 
use of images - like Sue Sylvester - that are 
familiar to, and even beloved by them.

Occupy Nursing Homes: A Cause to Die For                              
                                                              Oct. 27, 2011

My proposal calls for expanded wilderness protection 
in order to accommodate large numbers of nearly-
dearly departed boomers. Think of this as the 
ecological dividend of your sacrifice.

Name Your Poison: Gay Marriage 
or Global Warming                         Oct. 10, 2011

Gays “stole the march” on intolerance by using 
mass media and pop culture to build public support 
for gay marriage. Shows like Modern Family and Glee subversively undermine homophobia with comedy.

What’s a Drag Queen Got to Do 
with Global Warming?                   Sep. 22, 2011

Gays are making giant strides in building public 
support for same-sex marriage. Meanwhile greens 
appear to be losing ground in building public support 
for action on climate change. What gives? 
Do gays know something greens don’t?

Edmund Burke and silver buckshot  
                                                               Dec. 6, 2010

Here I argue that the teachings of conservative 
icon Edmund Burke provide both a sound basis 
for public policy on climate change and a clear 
guide to remedial action. I call for a program 
of silver buckshot, a vast number of small, incremental reductions in GHG emissions, a program achievable through existing, proven technologies.

The silver buckshot strategy recognizes that there 
is no silver bullet that will eliminate the threat of 
global warming. Such a strategy aggregate many 
small gains and secures immediate greenhouse 
gas emission reductions. 

Hey, Climate Activists, When Technology Is 
More Powerful Than Law, Go With Technology                              
                                                               Dec. 2, 2010

Will green technology kick the door open, walk in, 
and take over? Isn’t it an article of capitalist faith 
that superior technologies will ultimately win out?

Man Up, Environmentalists! 
(Here’s a way to do it)                    Oct. 27, 2010

We environmentalists have had to stomach a lot of 
bad political news lately.  The federal government’s 
failure to address global warming is distressing 
enough but even worse is the likelihood that results 
of the upcoming midterm election will eradicate any 
hopes that linger for federal action.

When Politicians Can’t Be Entrepreneurial, Entrepreneurs Must Be Political  Sep. 20, 2010

“Is DC defunct? It sure seems that way. Just about everybody is bemoaning Washington’s dysfunctional political system. According to a recent Rasmussen 
Poll, 73 percent of respondents consider the system broken.  Only 15 percent think it workable. Fifteen percent?!  Louis XVI had higher public approval 
ratings on the day the Bastille fell. What’s next? A guillotine installed on Lafayette Square?”

Bouncing Back From the Disaster in the Gulf                         
                                                               July 19, 2010

Resiliency is the key to energy security; the key to resiliency is decentralized energy production. The Gulf 
oil spill is yet another grim reminder that our society’s reliance on highly complex and centralized energy 
systems renders us highly vulnerable.  In fact, 
there seems to be a correlation:...

Disaster in the Gulf: Making Sure It Never 
Happens Again                                June 22, 2010

I imagine that we will probably find and fix whatever technical malfunction caused the Deepwater Horizon explosion.  But this is no way to make sure it never 
happens again.

Combatting Climate Change: How Entrepreneurs 
Are Doing What Congress Can’t or Won’t  
                                                               June 7, 2010

“Historically, when environmentalists see a problem, their reaction is to regulate it," says Mark Clevey, 
a clean technology guru who has helped dozens of 
green small businesses in Michigan get off the ground. “When entrepreneurs see a problem, their reaction is 
to seek a solution that’s profitable.” Clevey contends that entrepreneurial approaches usually produce 
better solutions faster than regulation.

Edmund Burke on Global Warming         
                                                               Nov. 18, 2009

“The near-unanimous opposition of Republicans in Congress to climate change legislation strikes me as inconsistent with the tenets of modern conservatism 
laid down by Edmund Burke (1729-97), the movement’s patron saint...”

The Wrong Energy Agenda     Aug. 29 2008

Conservatives should rethink their solution of our energy problems.  Instead of more drilling, it’s time for small-scale enterprises.

Creative Destruction—for the Environment  
                                                               April 2, 2007

Clean-tech companies, mostly small entrepreneurial businesses, pose a challenge to many large, long-dominant industrial enterprises.

Top Ten Ways To Kill A Citizen Movement   
                                                            Jan. 8, 2007

As a veteran community organizer, I know a lot about 
how to start citizen movements, but only recently did it occur to me that I probably know just as much about 
how to bump them off.

Business Gets a New Voice     Oct. 24, 2006

Legions of businesses, large and small, have greened since the original Earth Day. During the battle over 
the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) in California, these mostly small businesses found they have political clout.

A Whole New Ball Game         Sep. 5, 2006

The just-passed California Global Warming Solutions Act, which imposes a cap on all greenhouse gas emissions, is the toughest legislation in the United States to tackle global warming. It is truly historic.

Global Warming: Getting the Message to Main Street                                   June 30, 2006

I propose creation of a science education project that organizes local science educators -- in high schools, community colleges and local universities -- to educate local civic, business and church leaders about climate change science.

Reframing the “Economics vs. Environment” Debate                                  Mar. 31, 2005

Green industries nurtured by the environmental movement -- recycling, green building, renewable energy, eco-tourism, organic agriculture, and so on -- are growing at twice the rate of the rest of the economy, creating new markets worth billions of dollars and millions of new jobs.

Entrepreneurship as a Green Political Strategy                                          
                                                                Apr. 13, 2003

There are approximately 350,000 entrepreneurial 
small businesses in America that have been classified as gazelles -- the nickname applied to innovative, fast-growing small firms. Many of these small businesses are profiting by producing or using innovations that solve or reduce environmental problems and that dramatically increase efficiency and resource productivity. This makes them green gazelles and, cumulatively, their creative power is one of the 
planet's best political hopes for survival.

The Loneliness of the Pro-Business Environmentalist                     Feb. 10, 2003

The country is teeming with pro-business, pro-environment activities.  Collectively, all these activities are creating new business opportunities and new employment. They are expanding the market for innovative products and services almost everywhere.  In contrast to the political brand of environmentalism, which focuses on elections, litigation, legislation, and government regulations, this brand of environmentalism is focused on the marketplace.

Bush Plan to Increase “Expensing”: An Environmental and Financial Boon to Small Business                                Jan. 22, 2003

A huge environmental boon would be created if the nation's 24 million small businesses used this tax break to replace old, polluting, and inefficient equipment with new, clean, and more efficient equipment.

The Untapped Power of Small Business
                                            Feb. 26, 2002

America’s 23 million small businesses now make up half of the economy, generating 51 percent of the private gross domestic product and, in the process, consuming massive amounts of energy.  But, despite its great economic significance, there’s no focus on small business in the National Energy Plan... such a focus should be added. Small businesses have distinct energy problems and distinct energy opportunities that should be reflected in public policy.
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