Byron Kennard, founder and Executive Director of the Center for Small Business and the Environment, is a long time advocate of both the environment and of small-scale enterprise.
Working as a community organizer for The Conservation Foundation in the late 1960s, Byron helped lay groundwork for the environmental movement and the subsequent explosion of grassroots action on Earth Day. For this work, he was later awarded the Leadership Medal of the United Nations Environment Program for "distinguished contribution to the cause of the environment."
In the 1970s, he collaborated closely with the late E. F. Schumacher, author of Small Is Beautiful, to realize the book’s vision of small-scale enterprise as a principal protector and restorer of the environment.
Years later in the 1990s, Kennard observed that the revolution in communications technology vastly strengthened and expanded the capacity of small-scale enterprises to achieve efficiencies and to produce environmentally benign innovations. In the Information Age, small is more beautiful than ever! To exploit this new and huge potential for environmental good, Kennard founded the Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE) in 1998.
Byron also served as National Vice Chair of Sun Day, 1978, National Chair of Earth Day '80, the tenth anniversary celebration of Earth Day in 1980, and as Special Consultant to the EPA Administrator for Earth Day 1990.
Byron Kennard is the author of Nothing Can Be Done, Everything Is Possible, a book of essays on social and political change that the Christian Science Monitor called “a primer for the modern-day activist.”
As a playwright, lyricist and songwriter, Kennard wrote Out of Style, a musical play presented at d.c. space, and Sweet Talk, a musical play featured  at  the Source Theatre Company's Eleventh Annual Washington Theatre Festival in conjunction with Vest Pocket Theatre.  He was co-founder and Artistic Director of The Public Interest Follies, a community theater whose satirical revues entertained Washington, DC audiences for almost a decade.
Byron Kennard was born on December 12, 1937 in Dayton, Ohio and was raised in the nearby small town of Lebanon.   Kennard is a graduate of Ohio State University (BA, 1959) where he was Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President and President of the Student Senate.  He was chosen Outstanding Senior Man in 1959.
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